Landing Pages & Banners







Why do you need a landing page or banners?

Did you know when you roll out your business banners using a business service such as You can then divert that traffic to a landing page, where you could add a form and ‘call to actions‘ and increase your business’ contact list.

It’s an excellent way of collecting premium contact details for future campaigns. Also, displays your banners all over the internet, including social media platforms and apps.

What is an email campaign?

Once you have a database full of premium emails, you then have the opportunity to send out a monthly newsletter out to entice your readers to your website and your latest offers.

If you think the amount of premium emails you own – isn’t worth the bother. Maybe contacting the many businesses that sell awesome emails and contact details would be a smart move. You could then aim to send a campaign out at a lucrative time of the year and reap the awards.