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Do you need a blog?

Are you currently engaging with your customers, on social media, and wondered do I need a blog?


You may think, who would want to follow me, or, would I just be competing, against an already saturated market. What’s the point?


Well, my view is, why not try! It’s not like the old days, when getting a website set-up, would cost millions of pounds. (Yes they did!)



People may find your opinion interesting, even with the dryest of subjects. You may make the subject more enjoyable for people to understand.


Some inspiring points:


      •  Your blog will bring keywords. It’s an excellent way of getting various keywords and content into Google’s search engine. By putting a blog on the end of your website. You will go further up the search engines, and possible just be, that final push, to get onto page one of Google.



      • If you read online, about how blogs work, the popular opinion is, it brings more customers. If you look at larger enterprises, they will always have a blog on their websites. There’s a reason for that – they work!



      • It creates free PR. Journalists often interview business bloggers as industry experts. Get some press! You will also be a presence, not just locally, but globally, for your thoughts and opinions. If you look at the way, social media has influencers. They will all have a website too, that will sell their products and services.



      •  Suppose you want to position yourself, as a professional and leader in a particular field. A blog helps you do this.  If you work full-time, creating a blog page can be a bit of a problem, as you don’t have much time, but even writing an article every few months, make a difference with your SEO.



      • If your blog is a success, who knows what could happen? Even if it creates a small amount of revenue using Adsense, that’s cool. Or, even better, you hit the jackpot, and a company wants to advertise with you.



If you’re not sure whether you’ll keep it up, why not start writing regularly, for a few months and see how it goes.







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do you need blog

do you need blog

do you need blog

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