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Some tips to get more customers (leads)

So how do I get new customers without spending massive amounts of money? Good Tips Leads.

I’ve written a few tips leads. The ideas have worked for my clients and me as a freelancer:

  1. Engage with your customers on the Google business page. A free business profile page that connects you to your customers – click here for more information.
  2. Use videos on social media can cause excellent traction.
  3. Use backlinks: Use Google’s free tools for this, snoop and copy where your competitors are advertising.: Click here.
  4. Use rotational banner such as – that means your banners go all over the place (apps, websites) rather than spending a fortune on printed adverts –click here.
  5. Get a friend as an admin person on your Facebook business page; they can then invite all their friends to your page – winner!
  6. Get customers to come to you – By being that perfect brand that people want to use.
  7. Make sure you make your website as useful as possible for a busy person, such as contact forms on every page and excellent content.
  8. Asking for consumer advice by using the following free tool by Google – click here.
  9. Start using social media management tools to post for you on set times and days.
  10. Think ahead and plan for certain season times that get busy and create adverts to promote your goods such as Christmas. You could make an individual landing page for this season and then push on FB.

I hope that helps you guys get more tips leads. How about joining my monthly newsletter?

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tips leads

tips leads

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