This course has been created for people with little knowledge about using various software on the PC. Maybe you are a small business wanting to do many digital marketing jobs yourself.


Employers will naturally want to see what you look like online when applying for work; you could stand out from the crowd by improving what they see. Concessions are accepted if you are a group or team member.

  • The full course price is for three days at £600 per person.
  • The price of one day is £200
  • I can tailor the days to fit in with you or the group
  • Preferable days are Monday, Wednesday & Friday.
  • Preferable Time 9.00am – 5.30pm
  • Starts | Please inbox me for available dates
  • For beginners with minimal technical skills
  • I will provide a PDF booklet as a reference on the course and to take away with you
  • You will need to bring your laptop and software
  • can provide group workshops and teachings online using Zoom/Teams or in my Meeting room in Altrincham.
Helen is very helpful and organised. She is very patient in dealing with my bewilderment about social media.
David Fairclough
David Fairclough
Helen recently created new website and I absolutely love it. She is very professional, knowledgeable and patient with my suggested changes, talked me trough how to use my website and update it myself! I would recommend anyone needing a website to give a Helen a call !!
irma gyliene
irma gyliene
Helen is an experienced woman with the brilliant ideas! She is well organized and always listens to her clients. I recommend her!
Daria Pietrzyk
Daria Pietrzyk
Helen was very helpful and understanding of what was required. She explained things in a easy to understand manner. Cost for website was very competitive. I would recommend Helen.
Chris Bailey
Chris Bailey
“I can thoroughly recommend Helen Jones of Elumin. Very competitive price-wise, very knowledgeable and as well as trustworthy very pleasant to work with. Helen was excellent with me on explaining the web site design, how it worked and why it was best for me after she had listened to what i wanted. I am not too savvy with technology so i was grateful for her patience. She is now digitally training me on all aspects of business online. Finally, I also like how she always sets the training discussion agenda, trains me and then evaluates and confirms our conclusions afterwards. Nicely wraps it all up. ”
David Billington
David Billington
Helen is a talented digital designer and is passionate about Wordpress, Marketing & Design.
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith
Helen has been spending the past couple of months working as a Marketing Assistant for my company Perky Tail Toys Ltd. In this role, she has been responsible for writing SEO blog posts for our website with a view to increasing our online visibility and increasing brand awareness. During this time I have come to know Helen as a competent and professional SEO specialist with a talent for writing and sound knowledge of search engines. Helen has been an invaluable member of our team and I hope to be working with her long into the future.
David Primrose
David Primrose
Super impressed with Helen’s designs, she is a true and inspiring artist and i would recommend anybody looking for a talented and innovative designer for their business needs
Anu Verma
Anu Verma
Excellent, Helen is just amazing.
florina borsan
florina borsan


  1. Set up yourself on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Utube.
  2. Learn how to create a graphic for the top of your accounts using Canva or photoshop.
  3. Set up a free google my business account and explore all the free tools they supply
  4. Set up a small website page about yourself using Google
  5. Move online more by thinking about using the dropbox (savings area) on Google. It’s excerpted from a lot of office-based jobs these days.
  6. Start thinking about your title and what you want to get out of your professional image.
  7. Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Utube. Work on getting information about you on these platforms. It would be best if you had these set up already.
  8. Talking as a team to pluck out what skills you have, you think it is vital to attract employees.
  9. Start thinking about getting your content added to all these portals and getting feedback from each other.
  10. Look at the software that pushes out content for you onto your social media platforms.
  11. You are talking about hashtags and specific ways of getting people to respond and interact with you online. Talk about why this is necessary and what you should expect from making such moves.


  1. Learn about influencers on social media and online and how they attract attention to themselves.
  2. Look at yourself as an influencer who attracts attention because of your skills and knowledge.
  3. Work on doing Adobe Spark and creating nuggets of wisdom that people may like to learn about and add to your youtube page and your small website
  4. Learn about SEO and how this works, and how you could get your small website noticed in Google’s search engine.
  5. We will discuss that we are now working in a global market as a group. People are competing against other people in other cities all over the world.
  6. From what we discover in this discussion, how can this be implemented in your CV and online presence?
  7. Think about getting some professional photography done and improving your image when you have chatted to potential employers over zoom.
  8. Get your information noticed by using the various platforms that make fancy videos and graphics for you.


All profitable businesses and individuals know what you want in an ideal world. It is getting people to come to you rather than going to them. With this in mind, you want to keep improving your image whenever possible when it comes online. Here I can give you some ideas that you can do once you leave this course.

  1. Think about making your website bigger. I will discuss the options and the ins and outs.
  2. Start adding your details to all the various online recruitment websites and directories.
  3. Think about getting a blog set up on your website and adding keywords to your website. A recruiter or business may be looking for someone to employ and add various keywords to Google.
  4. I will discuss the various blogging tools out there and how to follow blogs using RSS feeds
  5. Start using Google analytics to learn what is causing people to interact with your posts.
  6. There are many ways of selling your goods online; this will be discussed, and the ins and outs, such as downloading documents with helpful information or setting up an online event.



Please email me if this course is of interest to you and if you have any queries.

Kind Regards




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