How can I improve my online presence?

I’ve compiled a list of things you could do to tackle this issue head-on and do a big hefty boot in the right direction. I’ve tried to think out of the box slightly and think about things; a small business may not have considered.

Perhaps compile a checklist of ten things you think are essential—another list of ten more in-depth jobs that can be done later.

1)What does my brand look like online now?

Spend some time looking for your business in search engines and social media. Look at your business from the outside (as a consumer) and see if anything is letting you down.

2) What are some ‘quick’ fixes that I can do now?

  • Join the Google business page; it’s an excellent resource for companies, and the business page will mean you come up at the top of Google for anyone who searches in the exact location as you:
  • Grammar is essential during 2020 since meetings are no longer face-to-face and our online profiles reflect on ourselves; bad grammar will leave a wrong impression

3) What are the big jobs‘ I should get done?

1) Testing for errors on your website

Did you know website renders differently on different platforms? Yes, unfortunately, a website is not built correctly. It can look different on other people’s computers. I recommend testing your website with the following companies:

4) Have you thought about where your website resides ‘as in your server’ and your hosting company.

Did you know your service provider has a massive impact on your website’s speed and can affect how high you rank on Google? A slow server can affect the speed of the backend of your website. Maybe you joined some server space because you were looking for the cheapest place to get a domain, and you’re probably paying less in exchange for server issues.

I recommend moving over to the company Siteground. It will take some; pressing the save button is very slow. Time to set up, but you won’t regret it. To view Sitegrounds, details, click here.

5) What do I do to improve my brand image ‘quickly‘?

Please spend some time thinking about your customers and who they are, and tailor your brand image to appeal to them. If your customers are senior, maybe getting your website working for people with poor sight would be a good move. If they are very young, getting involved with the new app, Tik Tok may be a solution.

6) What are the big jobs‘ that may be worth doing to improve your brand?

1) Book Design Platform

Maybe creating a book would help boost your brand image and step into the tangible world. This website gives you all the tools to do this yourself!

2) Webinar platforms and podcasts.

Suppose you’re thinking about setting up a podcast. The first point of call is to get more involved in podcasts; ted talks are extensive for businesses.

3) Choosing your business name

Are you thinking about creating your business name? Here’s some excellent advice that may help you; a name can make such a difference in how people conceive of you, and if you are not careful can confuse people, too – this is a priority when it comes to being a business success.

7) What can I do ‘quickly‘ to help my wordpress website SEO?

Spend some time using the many plugins that are around. This can reduce the size of your pictures and streamline your code. Here’s a list of the plugins that have worked for me

  • – Asset CleanUp Pro: Page Speed Booster
  • – Feedzy RSS Feeds Lite
  • – HTML Page Sitemap
  • – W3 Total Cache
  • – WP Visual Sitemap