Here’s a list of free cheap graphics software I’ve found:

  • – Canva – Very easy with minimal design options. Click here >>>
  • – Gimp – Used a lot by programmers as an excellent way to cut up images for the internet and has a straightforward navigation system. Click here>>>
  • – Pic Monkey – This is very similar to Gimp and may be suitable as an alternative if you cannot use Gimp. It also has template sizes for all the social media platforms and is easy to use. Click here>>>
  • – Gravit –  is helpful if you want to do graphics on the fly, such as on your phone, and can not download the software. You do it all online, and the free version is excellent. Click here>>>

I hope this helps you guys. I hope it helps you with your cheap graphics software needs. Email me if you know any others, and I will add them to this page.

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I consider myself a pretty versatile person and understand; that not everyone’s the same. Over the past twenty years in graphic design and front-end developer roles. I’ve come across many types of managers.

Some have agile managed me, and others have trusted me to get on with it. I can happily accommodate both project management styles, but I must warn you!

Suppose you’re thinking of using the available packages on this website. I will have to take hold of the project management. I’ve ‘taken a punt’ on how long I think it will take me—and priced them accordingly. If this doesn’t appeal to you, I suggest you work with me on my hourly rate.