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How do you start your projects?

As a logo and business card designer, I always listen to whoever I’m working with, whether that’s another designer or marketing director. I value peoples opinions and will create what the group has envisioned.

What services do I provide as a logo and business card designer?


I’ve supported businesses to modernise already existing brands and also to come up with new ideas.


I will always involve other people when working on a project, and find getting help and support, produces a better product. I’m a very amicable person.

When meeting a potential client

So what are the most critical questions, do I ask, when starting a branding project with a new client?

Here are my top ten questions:

1) Who is your target market and demographic?

Without answering this question, I cannot get an idea of what I’m designing—knowing your target demographic such as their age, country, and so forth, makes a difference in my direction of creative thought.

2) How do people learn about your product or service?

If I know what platform you are aiming to show your marketing material on, it can be handy to know, before I start a project. I can then design for that platform. A lot of the time, the technical side of things, is very different on each platform: i.e. billboard, television, websites or social media.


3) Who are your competitors, and how do they position themselves and how do you differ from them?

This bit of marketing research is worth doing before you start creating the content and design work of your marketing material. It gives you a more robust message and makes your business compete successfully in a competitive market.

4) What does your business offer?

The more I understand your product or service, the more, I can get under the skin, of your project. I can then come up with something fantastic that works for your business.


5) What is the overall message, you wish to portray, with your brand?


Communication is the key to selling, and getting your message out. If I understand your business, I can, then clearly articulate, this message, into your content, and brand image.


6) What should people think when they see your brand?


Understanding what the message is, and what your business is selling, is essential when creating a successful outcome.

7) Are you a niche market or mass market?


Some marketers will decide that their market is saturated; when they do, they may choose to market their service or product differently, such as doing niche marketing.