Microsoft Software Campaign

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What was the project brief?


I came across Microsoft’s account manager when I was in a full-time Graphic Design position at the highstreet shop MicroDirect


I worked as a team with him and the director of MicroDirect to design an advert that advertised some new Microsoft software that was available to buy at Microdirect.

Working with Microsoft once more


A few years went by, and the same account manager contacted me again. He wanted me to ‘step up’ and provide support, launching a campaign, for their windows software. The deadline meant, I hadn’t much time to complete the project. It came apparent to me I would have to project manage and higher some freelancers. I think this was a significant moment in my career and gave me the idea that I could work as a freelancer in the future. 

What services did I provide MicroDirect and Microsoft?


  • A large poster positioned outside the shop building
  • Social media graphics
  • Infographic including content creation
  • One HTML page for the Aria business website
  • Banners for their business website

A successful career


The problem nowadays is no one has any time, which means to get a professional person noticed, it needs either money thrown at it or a lot of marketing effort in that person’s approach.

With the advent of social media, it’s enabled anyone to have a platform and a global voice. But this also makes professional persons job prospects more competitive.


But what about you?


Have you ever thought about, how you ‘as a person’ look like to other people? We, as human beings, are very complex and have many different layers, in our personality. It could be our downfall when it comes to getting noticed online.

Clarity and consistency, and being understood clearly, is a must when it comes to communication. If you have many interests, it may help you as a business person. To tone down some of your skills and focus on the lucrative ones.

brochure designer

brochure designer