This package supports you every month by writing articles, improving the SEO of your pages and helping with contacting various companies for backlinks.


*You must pay via the Stripe payments system, set up as a rolling subscription. Lastly, you need to agree to my Terms and Conditions. T&Cs – Click Here


The type of things I will do for you:

  • I could write an excellent article with a substantial amount of words
  • or possibly do four shorter articles to get your blog more active.
  • I can also source a freelance copywriter that understands your sector.
  • Tidy up your WordPress blog area and improve the SEO, structure, and design layout.
  • I can involve your social media account.
  • I can contact magazines, newspapers and other websites and submit your articles with backlinks.
  • I have research skills where I can read up on a particular subject and make the level of your articles knowledgable.
  • I will make any website article SEO friendly and concentrate on popular keywords.

Popular Questions

1)I write content already; can I work with you?

I’m pretty relaxed when it comes to how we can go forward. Suppose you have already experience in writing content. Then I could maybe be someone who lays out your pages in your website’s blog area and creates some lovely drawings and animations.

2) How can you write content when you do not know my industry?

It’s true, and I would be happy to source out a copywriter who does know your industry and work with them and you to get something going regularly.

3) Can you write content for me?

Yes, since I don’t know much about your industry unless you’re a creative. I would spend my time reading about your industry and learning various subjects I think would be of interest. If you visit my blog, I can see I write regularly and source business marketing information that I think would be interesting.

4) What are the benefits of a blog?

It’s just an extra area on your website that can be good for keywords and getting found in search engines. It’s also a great place to direct your traffic from your social media accounts. That could end up with more clients and enquiries.


I will spend two and a half days’ worth of work per month on this package. Where I can do what you like, or take some time to look at the back end of your website and do what I think is needed most significantly.

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