My career has always been a battle. I came out of education with horrible grades and can hold my hands up and say I did well!

My formative years were living in Toxteth in the inner city of Liverpool. With my background, many would have gotten involved in the world’s dark side, such as crime, drugs, and prostitution. Where crimes were something everyone did, and there was a lot of fighting as it was the 80s when the Toxteth riots were in full steam. I remember people calling the police the pigs.

As a family, we kept a low profile and went to the small church in the area, but my parents had problems.

I had the perfect opportunity to get into crime and drugs from a young age. It would have been because of peer pressure if I had ended up going that way. Peer pressure never goes away, even when you get older, either. I think that’s why I like living in the city, as you get less of it.

I’ve always been good at not listening to people and questioning what is being said to me. I have a powerful mind and know what I want in life and go for it.

My parents kept repeating; that I was thick and never helped me in my education. This is possibly why I’m the way I am, as when you have so many people bashing you down. The only way up is to reach for the stars.

It annoys me when you come across people with good education and think they did it all independently. But when you start talking to them, you find out their parents have lots of money, and they hire babysitters, cleaners, tutors, etc. So you did it all on your own, did you? It was a belief in myself that got me where I am today.

People from poverty don’t have many choices in life. What they can do, and the types of people they can have as friends.

When you come across beautiful, well-educated and confident people, they tend to be the ones with money. With my background, a person like me can not hang around with those people. That’s what I thought, but I do now!

As a professional

I hold my head up with pride, as out of zero odds. I have held down degree-level jobs and am confident in creating my professional work to a high standard.

When an employer or client takes me on, they know I can get the job done. I won’t come across as a player or princess in any way.

I get my head down and meet deadlines. I also pride myself on my honesty. I guess I have had this since my youth from going to church. It had its uses, even if it did bore me to death!

Having an excellent education has its positives when talking to another employee or management, but sometimes it means a person can be too comfortable in their position.

When someone is comfortable, they won’t take risks. On the other hand, someone like me is more ‘comfortable’ taking risks. As I’ve taken risks all my life, that’s what has got me where I am.

This is an unusual post, as it’s a little more personal than usual.

So don’t think this is all about me because it isn’t.

I’m mainly about business and making results.

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