Since retail has had such a massive issue, shall we say the big C? There has been a shift for customers to buy online. Which leads to the question of what will happen to the high street? Well, it seems to be a place people go to relax and catch up with friends nowadays, and with that, many restaurants have taken up the space and a variety of bars to suit each of our unique personalities.

Currently Goings-On

Art has a long relationship to luxury goods, but it is now becoming a more democratic—or commercial—concept as our high streets begin to incorporate exhibition space. Where the hard sell was the game’s name, making a retail area somewhere, a customer would like to hang out looks like the immediate demand.

Window Displays

The most significant shift towards acceptable art practices has occurred in window displays. It is especially apparent in the high-end market, where boundaries must be pushed for passer buyers even to notice.

Collaborations with Artists

A tried and tested way of showing off your brand identity is by associating with artists that reflect your culture and customer base; think Pharrell and Adidas and how that translates into in-store merchandising and branding.







More creative and artistic marketing plans

It always seems to go the same way, a brand does something new and relaxed, and the competitors copy until the market becomes saturated with that old and uncool idea. It means the brands that keep themselves on the top of the pile have to be insanely creative, and they have to reinvent the wheel with the new and the cool and so on.

Store Designs

When we think about successful brands, we always think of the influential design aesthetics permeating all stores. Some borrowed styles, such as minimalism, abstract art, deco, cubism, futurism, graffiti, pop art and street art, now heavily influence the modern retail store design. These design features are therefore associated with the ideology of the brand. The customer then links this to the brand identity and ideology.


Whether you like it or not, the fine art world in retail is here to stay, so you can either choose to embrace it or get left behind. Having an actual trained and practising artist on your team is increasingly essential for any progressive retail brand. A higher level of creativity is infectious for any marketing team. The eye for detail can come in handy for that visual merchandising team take it to the next level. While artists won’t always know what’s best with the paper pushers and financiers, they offer a unique and vital point of view for any retail team.

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